Friday, 26 April 2013


                The way of communication have been changed throughout the world. The means of communication and the sources of information are divided into two parts  (a) Print Media (b) Electronic Media.

        The ford of reading nowadays is decreasing therefore print media is playing its role as usual but effects of electronic media are increasing because of its charms. Cable TV networks, satellite channels and local television networks are working for communication with radio transmission.The viewers and listeners not only receive entertainment but also get a lot of information about aspect of life through the electronic media.The programs which are broadcasted on electronic media are related to electronic media that it keep the attitude and public interest first.Electronic media throughout the world has been changed into a vast field in which several channels are working along with different frequencies allotted.These channels are busy in competition with each other.Every channel which is connected with electronic media is trying to produce profound effects on public so that it would be popular among people.

               Freedom of media is necessary thing because it is responsibility of electronic media to bring the realities and facts before the public.But the freedom of electronic media is producing great effort on our society..Once there was a period when radio was when radio was the only source of electronic media.Radio played a great role in building up our society.The program which were broadcasted by the radio at that time based on our cultural heritage and they were closely related to our moral system.These programs were not only source of entertainment but they were helpful to understand the moral values in our society.

              In the mid nineteenth century satellite transmission started to become popular in the world and dish antenna were also introduced to the world.The use of dish antenna provided people to watch other channels from the world.This change produced a severe effect on our society and dish culture was constructed.People started to purchase dish antennas and satellite receivers and the trend of viewing channels from world was developed.

              During this radio programs were also improved and FM radio bands were started.They gave entertainment by broadcasting music and the programs of general talking through telephone calls.After sometime passed electronic media got more progressed and cable TV networks were introduced which began to view many satellite channel at cheap rates. Now cable TV networks have became very popular.This freedom of media is producing many changes in our society.Some changes are good but most are bad effects.Foreign channels are being shown openly. The programs related to every aspect of life are being broadcasted on satellite but if we analyze the freedom of electronic media then this freedom is only related to be sex oriented . This trend is spreading quickly in every channel of electronic media.The programs which are now broadcasted on are commonly related to fashion, glamour and sex.Therefore the moral values of our society are loosing importance and our culture is getting weak.The importance of moral language is not preferred, everyone use media language to communicate.the respect of elders is decreasing and it seems that media is competing psychological sex desires of teenagers. The young boys and girls are totally effected by the electronic media.

              It is the need of the time that the freedom of media should be given its real meaning not professional.So that positive results will be received by the use of media.It is necessary that media should use its freedom to discover the truth and reality which can make our world paradise not such paradise which is now presenting in the form of glamour but that paradise which GOD has promised to be blessed after doing good deeds.


Thursday, 25 April 2013


We live within the most advance age of science. it's known as time. within the gift world torn with nationalism and divided within the blocks, science is that the solely common divisor.Where ever we tend to go, we supply torch of science in our hands so as to light-weight our path.Science,thus, known as faith of contemporary world.

The aim of science is to scale back human pains and sufferings.Machine have saved human labour and time.The most extraordinary invention of science is laptop,the machine brain.Electricity works like Aladdin's lamp.It is the foremost vital supply of energy.It lights our homes and cities,it turns the wheel of industries.It provides United States with fun and amusements.Business center, hospitals and offices all ar in debt to electricity.It provides compact and ease throughout extreme weathers.

 the varied straightforward, low-cost and fast means that of communication like radio, wireless phone, T.V, cables, ships and Aeroplanes, have brought the gap corners and world nearer.We can therefore say that world has shrunken.Science has achieved miracles within the field of medicines notably surgery like plastic and somatic cell surgery.Now,even internal elements of body like heart, lungs, excretory organ will be operated and replaced.

 atomic energy has caused radical changes within the field of agriculture, industries and coverings of dangerous diseases.Science has additional to human comforts and happiness.Science may be a fairy likewise as fury.Its inventions is being greatly put-upon.The worst misuse of science is in wars.Wars has become additional cruel and harmful.The next three-fold warfare - mechanical, chemical and biological shall spell finish of the planet.

 lastly, we tend to should not misuse scientific inventions.Science has created United States additional materialistic.Only modification of mental attitudes and restoration of faith will save the planet.